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setien associates frank l madla career dayOn Friday March 8, 2019, Setien and Associates had the honor of taking part in the Frank L. Madla Accelerated Collegiate Academy Career Day, in San Antonio, TX. Three employees of Setien and Associates participated in the career day; Mr. Domingo Setien, President; Katia Beltran, Project Manager; and Nehemias Moreno, Education Consultant.

The Career Day event consisted of three, 25-minute segments, in which the S&A employees shared information with 7 to 10, middle school students, at a time. The students received information on what skills, education, and training, are beneficial for this industry and what pay, and benefits are available. The students also had the opportunity to handle and explore tools used in the structural steel and civil engineering industries.

Many of the students, and instructor, expressed a gained perspective about careers in structural steel detailing and civil engineering. The S&A employees left with an invitation to return at a later date to share a more in-depth exploration of the industry.

- Nehemias Moreno

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